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and umbrella drink. that's it for special. fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: good evening from new york, i'm shepard smith. hurricane earl tops the news on fox report and tonight two headlines first it's weakened. still at a category 3 but maximum sustained winds are down to 115 miles per hour. and the second, it's turned. our weather team predicted the storm would jog to the north rather than barreling into north carolina and it has. still, conditions are going to deteriorate and rapidly. that warning from the head of the federal emergency management agency as hurricane earl does bear down on the united states. tens of millions of people now facing storm watches and warnings from north carolina all the way to canada as this category 3 storm draws closer. but forecasters now say the storms should weak ton a category 2 by the time it scrapes up against north
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carolina's outer banks later tonight and possibly down to a category 1 when it goes by or into massachusetts. nasa now has provided a new image of earl. the space agency reports it took this shot, just after midnight eastern time today and even though earl has lost some of the power since then, you can still get a sense of how enormous this storm is. hours ago, north carolina's governor warned folks in the storm's path it's time to evacuate because in her words, better safe than sorry. >> let me make this very clear to the people of north carolina. once the storm comes in, and it becomes serious, once it is at its worst point, we are not going to put any emergency worker in harm's way. and so if you think there is going to be a problem, evacuate now, but there will be nobody to answer that phone or to come up physically to your house from your local area until the brunt of the storm passes.
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>> shepard: and a lot of north carolinaens took those words seriously but not all of them. >> it's serious. i think it's a serious hurricane. it can get real dangerous in a hurry. so, why take a chance? >> it's not very conducive to, one, my fishing. [ laughter ] and, two, our children; so we just thought it was best that we would head on out. >> i'm sticking around. i run a real estate company and we have 500 homes to take care of today, including my own. i'm working on that. >> shepard: do that thing. potentially dangerous decision though. forecasters say the outer banks north carolina could see a storm surge of up to about 5 feet and if earl happens to move closer, it would certainly be worse. team fox coverage tonight. steve harrigan, virginia beach. charmin scedy live in chat that mass morris. first to kill delve hills in north carolina and our jonathan serrie is standing by. what do people there say they
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are expecting? >> well, shep, i have been using my pocket wind meter clocking winds right now 26 miles per hour. understand the brunt of the storm is still hours away. residents here are hoping that the storm will only sideswipe the outer banks but they anticipate there is a very good chance that the storm will move further inland and that they may be experiencing tropical storm force winds easily but quite possibly hurricane force winds in excess of 74 miles per hour, shep. >> shepard: how confident are officials there in north carolina that everybody is as ready as they are going to be for this thing? >> state officials are very confident that people have taken the proper precautions by and large the tourists who have been urged to evacuate the outer banks have already left and local residents who decided to hunker down, we watched them as they stocked up at local grocery and hardware stores. many of them battening down the hatches, pouring up windows it appears that most people are well prepared, shep. >> shepard: have you got to hope they are prepared to come back for the labor day weekend. >> absolutely. that's a big concern.
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state officials are urging tours to come back after the storm passes. and that's not the only concern. shipping interests, commercial boating, the coast guard has shut down commercial ports in moorehead city and also in wilmington. so that's also a big economic concern. closing them down, of course, until the hurricane passes north carolina waters, shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie on shaky cam live from kill delve hills in north carolina. just a little bit north of there, officials say they are worried about the rip current along the coast. they say of the threat of swimmers being pulled out to sea is growing by the hour. beaches were opened this morning. they are now off limits. in virginia officials have activated 200 national guard members for possible operations. and a navy spokesman says crews are on stand by in case they have to move the giant warships that are locked at the norfolk naval station, though that probably won't happen. one of the spots that could get some of the worst of the storm is virginia beach. it sticks out a bit into the ocean just above the north
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carolina state line. steve harrigan live in virginia beach right along the coast. steve, how is it looking? >> shepard, still dry right now in virginia beach. but over the last hour or two the wind has picked up considerably, about 3 or 4-foot waves. no one in the water except for a few short boarders with surf boards. some couples hand in hand and some families getting a last walk in along the water here. the governor has declared a state of emergency. they are expecting this storm eye to be 100 miles offshore. they are looking at something like 55 mile-per-hour winds. they have september hundred national guard to the coast in case of emergency. they are prepared to house up to 20,000 people if necessary. but right now they are calling this a minor incident as far as virginia goes. what they're really worried about here is the effect, possibly, on tourism. this is a huge weekend for virginia beach. they have got a big music festival as well as a big marathon here expecting 50,000
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people to fly in. that weather could make flights extremely difficult. >> shepard: steve harrigan along the banks. storm watches and warnings are posted as far north as canada. no hurricane has threatened such a long stretch of the east coast in almost two decades. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live in extreme weather center for the details of this one. where is it going? >> you know what? luckily we have seen a bit of a right jog in the last few frans in the last couple of hours. here is a look at the radar picture. see that center of it put my finger right there and see where it starts? there you go. it takes that jog to the east. none the less, there is some very heavy rain there that is right about to get toward the outer banks. as the storm continues to move closer we will see rain and wind. i want to get nerdy on you here with some of the images and water vapor image. this is how much water content is in the atmosphere much higher up around 10 to 18,000 feet up. you look at this and see this. it's very dry air. we have been dealing with extremely high temperatures all across the eastern seaboard and
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you see that big ridge there. this is what we have been watching. that is a trough pulling in and expect that thing to accelerate but also making it hard to track. take a look. here is the storm. this is this area of high pressure. we have been watching the storm move towards the northwest here. we knew it was going to make this right-hand turn. it's hard to tell exactly where this high pressure is going to set up. it has made that bit of a right turn. then you start to look at the trough that's going to be coming in behind it it's back here across the great lakes. it's going to dive here, shepard, off towards the east. it's going to push that high pressure out of the way. it's going to allow this storm to really take off here. where this line here sets up a little farther to the west. a little farther towards the east again is very hard to pinpoint. that's what we are saying when it's still close to the coast here, we have to continue to watch areas from the cape and especially the spots that stick out across the coast line. so, here is one of the computer models. it's a pretty accurate one what we expect to see. tonight, right around the 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning, that red is hurricane force winds right out towards cape hatteras. anywhere in the yellow, tropical
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storm force. up around 30 miles per hour. then you move toward tomorrow not as bad. tropical storm force winds up along the jersey shore up across parts of long island. look at this, 10:00 tomorrow night, that's nantucket in cape cod from 10:00 to 1:00 dealing potentially with hurricane force winds and tropical storm force winds up around the boston area. maybe towards portland maine and we'll get this thing out of here by saturday. everybody wondering what the weekend is going to be like on the beaches. saturday afternoon, sunday, and monday absolutely spectacular. but we have got to get through this next 24 to 36 hours. >> we can do it. cannot wait. rick reichmuth, good to see you. thank you. emergency workers telling workers as far as north as new england to get off the beaches. the governor has declared a state of emergency next. continuing coverage of hurricane earl throughout this hour. plus, it's happened again. an oil platform exploded today in the gulf of mexico. a platform with seven active oil wells and more than a dozen workers on board. they were tossed into the drink. a live update from the gulf
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>> shepard: the massachusetts governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of hurricane earl. forecasters say that storm could pass within 30 miles of nantucket and possibly slam the island with winds of up to 100 miles per hour. sections of massachusetts right now under hurricane warnings with folks there waiting to see just how hard earle earl may hit. let's get to the mass and charmin. emergency management officials say if people want to get out of the way, they have got to do it now. >> that's absolutely right, shep. as a matter of fact, there is no mandatory evacuations in chatam. people, if you want to leave you have got to do tonight. it's possible they could close the bridges to the cape and people do that and people are stuck in traffic during this hurricane, it's not a good scene. >> shepard: you know, that area has seen a lot. are they taking this thing
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seriously or no? >> well, it's interesting you should say that we talked to a lot of people today who were actually headed over to nantucket as you mentioned. it could very well lie in the path of this storm. they are all taking ferries over there early today. i want to say that the governor has declared a state of emergency. an emergency management officials do have a plan in place. they have already secured a temporary shelter that will be opening up tomorrow and it looks as though the steam ship authority will be canceling trips to nantucket as early as noon time tomorrow. >> shepard: it's been a long time since that reasoning has seen a storm like, this hasn't it? >> almost 20 years when hurricane bob struck this area. certainly people remember that. but you know, we really haven't had a hurricane since then. we have certainly endured our share of nor'easters but new englanders they know how to handle the weather. >> shepard: i will say. charmin from fox 25 up in boston. charmin, great to see you. thank you. we will continue to track hurricane earl as the eye of the storm moves closer to the united
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states. live updates throughout this hour and into the night here on fox news. but, first, police say the gunman who took hostage at the discovery channel the one who called babies parasites on earth apparently did not plan to get out of this crisis alive. the police chief there says james lee told officers he was ready to die and that he didn't care about his hostage. but the police chief says a swat team officer shot lee when it appeared the hostage were going to try to make a run for it the hostage all got out safely. lee did not. during the crisis an nbc producer spoke with leon the phone. according to nbc news, lee said, and i quote: we're told the man also said he had been working on those explosives for a few weeks. earlier today, the fire chief said crews had detonated four of
7:15 pm
the devices linked to lee. another explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico as fox reports tonight. emergency crews trying to save workers and put out the fire. the question is, well, it was, at least, is it another disaster in the making? we'll get you the latest update on the situation. that's next. look at all this stuff foffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, tho. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. a thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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>> shepard: this afternoon another oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico. this time all 13 workers went into the drink. but made it out alive. there were reports of an oil sheen off the coast of louisiana earlier today. that came from the coast guard. but it now tells us those reports are not accurate. adam housley in louisiana. it looks, adam, like there will not be a leak this time, right? >> that's what it looks like,
7:19 pm
shepard, there were reports early on that there was sheen. the coast guard says at this hour they have not been able to find that they're still looking to ensure that's the case. we have also been told it wasn't an oil rig. there t. was a platform. already a well into the sea floor. basically extracting the oil out. the good news at least it appears at this hour that all the equipment worked correctly and they don't think there is a leak right now, shepard. >> shepard: i saw the pictures of the 13 workers in the water there. how are they? >> yeah, good news. they are all doing fantastic. in fact, one of the men is going to be able to make his son's birthday tomorrow. as you look at that picture, one thing to take note of. that explosion caused fire near some the life vests. 13 men went into the drink. only 12 had life vests. those 12 men linked together with the 13th to make sure he didn't sink under the water as they sat there for two waters waiting for the rescue, shepard. >> shepard: the governor bobby jindal is not ready to call this emergency over, right? they are being mighty careful. >> we were down here when the original explosion happened
7:20 pm
coincidentally for something different than that explosion, shepard. at that time they said oh, no worries there was no oil in the water for the deep water explosion a few months ago. the same thing they are hearing this time but this time they want to mike sure that there is no oil in the water. that's why they will continue to search and do all sorts of investigations, shepard, to make sure that that well has not been breached in any way. >> shepard: adam housley tonight in louisiana. thanks. it's been 136 days since the bp disaster. today the company's engineers removed a temp temporary cap from the blown out well. crews are on stand by just in case. the feds say they gave the okay to take off the cap so that they can replace the blown out -- the busted blow-out preventer. they say that will help control the pressure when it a relief well intersects the damaged well sometime after labor day. the number of people who lined up for unemployment benefit for the first time dropped a bit last week. the report from the labor department 472,000 new claims. that's down about 6,000 from the
7:21 pm
week before. the numbers come a day before the august monthly unemployment report. analysts expect that number to climb slightly. they expected this one too as well. some good news on the housing market. national association of realtors now reports more people signed contracts to buy previously occupied homes in july up 5%. the sales price still way down compared to a year ago but mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest level in four decades of tracking accord position mortgage buyer average rate on 30 year fixed loan dropped again this week to 4.32%. flying into the storm. just ahead, we will show you this amazing image from a plane at the center of a hurricane. plus, a motorcycle slams head on into a truck and promising young football player is thrown into the air. his condition and who police say caused this. that's coming up.
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other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> shepard: have you seen this from the baseball game? check it out from last night's florida marlin's game. the marlins are pummeling him. >> shepard: morgan charged the mound after a pitch sailed right behind him. that move cleared the benches. the same pitcher had hit morgan with a pitch earlier in the game. umpires threw out four guys. morgan had separated a florida catcher's shoulder in a home plate collision on tuesday. marlins won 16-10. a potential college football
7:26 pm
star crashes his motorcycle and it's caught on video. a top story on a fox at this point -- trip across america. >> shepard: iowa. police dash cam video catching the moment when the truck hit the bike. player from the university of iowa. he gets up from the thing with no serious injuries. police say the truck driver actually failed to stop before making a left turn. they cited him for the accident. the hawkeyes are still listing him as a possible starter. massachusetts. another crash caught on video. police say the driver of this suv fell asleep, lost control of the vehicle, and she slammed right into a convenience store. the store owners say the shop was closed at the time. but they say the accident caused $130,000 in damage. no word on the condition of the driver. ohio. 9-year-old richie brag was playing in his yard when bees began to swarm around him. it was his dog pinky that came to the rescue. >> a whole bunch of bees
7:27 pm
followed her [inaudible] >> bees stung richie several times but pinky's quick action potentially saved his life. >> i had an allergic reaction. i didn't know i was allergic to bees. >> shepard: pinky suffered 40 stings. the family rushed the dog to an animal hospital. doctors say they feared the little thing wouldn't make it but together they both survived. >> pinky really saved my life. >> and today they are doing just fine and they are part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. hurricane earl has made a turn that will keep it from slamming full force in a north carolina's fragile barrier islands. couple that with the fact that the storm has lost some strength. some positive news. but the east coast is by no means clear of trouble. hurricane earl is still a very
7:28 pm
powerful category 3 storm a major storm with 115 mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds. and the hurricane center says it's capable of doing serious damage. we're also getting a look now at the center of hurricane earl. look at this. this image from a nasa global hawk drone, one of those remote controlled planes flying at 60,000 feet over the storm. this specially outfitted surveillance drone took off from edwards air force base in california to gather information about it. we're told it's the first time one of these drones has flown over a hurricane. a dangerous mission, really, because as the pilot told one news agency these planes were built for reconnaissance, not hurricane hunting. while hurricane earl may not look too bad from 60,000 feet up. it's a far different story at sea level. rick reichmuth is in the weather center. rick leventhal out in monday talk on the east end of long island. let's get to ocean city, maryland. steve centanni is live for us. what's it there like now. >> the winds picking up a little
7:29 pm
bit. it's been a cloudy day. there were a lot of people out on the beach earlier today as can you see now, not very many people. just a few people for a dinner time stroll up and down the beach enjoying the nice weather, kind of warm. but overnight, of course, things are going to change thought unusual thing here at ocean beach has been a high surf. right now we don't see any huge waves but it's been unusually high for ocean city, maryland. and that's been dangerous. dangerous rip tides and have been warning people to stay out of the water or not go in past their knees. this could come up and cover the beach when we have high winds and storm at its height offshore taking precautions against that sea wall. take a look of pictures we shot earlier. all along the beach for miles here. they have gone along and closed the gates that have built. in. so gates periodic points along the beach that they can pull closed and make it a continuous wall so the water won't be able to get through those openings and hopefully it won't overtop the whole wall.
7:30 pm
they are taking precautions even though they don't expect to feel the full brownt of the storm here in ocean city. shep? >> shepard: what about advice for the people. >> well, as i said earlier, they told people to stay out of the water and not go in past their knees. tomorrow, tonight from midnight until noon tomorrow, we expect the height of this storm with high surf, high winds, some rain. and officials are saying basically stay off the beach at that time. there is no need to be down there. here's the ocean city mayor from earlier today. >> trying to get the message out, stay inside during the intense part of the storm, which will be early tomorrow morning. early afternoon. stay out of harm's way. stay off the beach. stay out of the ocean. by about 2:30, 3:00 tomorrow, this should blow out of here and everything should be fine. >> so winds of 30, 40, to 50 miles per hour. he is also added a advising anybody with loose lawn furniture bring it indoors and batten it down so it doesn't fly around when the winds start up.
7:31 pm
>> shepard: it becomes a missile. are they concerned about folks not coming back for labor day? >> for the most part they're advising people to come on out. this is not going to be the eye of the storm. we have tropical storm force winds at worse here in ocean city. a lot of people are already here for the labor day weekend. they goal in their hotel rooms and sit it out. if they have some rain, eventually it's going to stop. by tomorrow afternoon they have sunny skies. that's what the officials here are saying don't worry about it too much because after all they need those tourism dollars on labor day weekend. sit out the storm and enjoy the rest of your weekend later on. >> shepard: steve centanni ocean city maryland tonight. thanks. the storm has lost a bit of steam as it closes in on the coast. forecasters warning things dangerous. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in extreme weather center. talk us through it? >> it's still going to be very dangerous even though it's weakening a bit in inintensity. expanding. a broader area seeing those strong winds. i want to take a broader look here at the caribbean as well or
7:32 pm
the atlantic, at least. there is earl. this is tropical storm fiona that's going to effect bermuda in a couple of days. earlier today, shepard, watch in this was gas ton, the category 2 hurricane within the next five days. they have now dissipated this and at this point don't show it regenerating. a lot of models do see still this regenerate. even though officially we are not tracking that right now, i think we probably will again as we move forward over the next couple of days. let's get to earl. this is the most imminent one it has made that turn. that is great news. we do have hurricane advisories up. hurricane warnings where you see this red. and that's in effect from the border here virginia, north carolina, down towards -- go up here towards the north. i think we have a better chance of seeing significant weather here as far as probably stronger winds maybe around nantucket. as well as out across cape cod. that would be 24 hours from. >> now the thing is is the storm is going to be moving so quickly at that point that the strong winds that we see are going to
7:33 pm
last very, very, kind of a short time, maybe two to three hours. so not as bad as we are going to see out across that far cape hatteras tonight. that is that future radar i was showing you earlier today. you see that red band that's the strongest of the winds that we're going to see right around 2:00 or 3:00 this morning. then it continues to pull off towards the northeast. i don't like the way this model shows up. it goes little too far off towards the east here from that nantucket and cape area back towards the west. this is that front that's going to move through and kind of drive this entire thing. the official track of this continues to do exactly what we have been seeing with it. it really has been very consistent, showing that right-hand turn and i'm really happy that we are seeing it now, shepard. category tonight at it closer point to the iewrt banks still category 2, category 1. somewhere where it gets up here around cape cod and the islands tomorrow that could cause very big problems very briefly though as it's going to be moving so quickly. take a look at this. that's 2:00 a.m. saturday. this is in the morning.
7:34 pm
24 hours, shepard, a lot of territory that storm is going to cover. weaken and move very, very quickly. none the less still like ahurricane across nantucket. >> shepard: rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. burning the midnight oils tonight. thank you. people on long island may be breathing more easily after they see the latest storm tracks. even if the hurricane stays out to the east, forecasters say they expect it to stir up real trouble along the eastern shoreline there of course, just how much trouble depends on exactly where the storm goes. a shift to the west as we have been mentioning would be trouble. hurricanes do not often hit long island, when they do it can be a mess. montauk way out long island vulnerable. outing out at the atlantic tip out there. rick leventhal is live out there tonight. any sign of a storm out in montauk. >> no beautiful day on the east end. slight breeze blowing. not a drop of rain. very violent surf behind me. so rough, in fact, that
7:35 pm
officials closed beaches to swimming today. a lot of folks did come out to enjoy the sunshine and watch the rough waves hitting the shore. no mandatory evacuations on long island. one woman told me she was leaving though out of an abundance of caution. we know that the long island railroad has stopped some service tomorrow out to the east end because it concerns about trees being blown down and knocking out crossing gates or blocking tracks. we also know that the power authority has more than 1600 out-of-state workers standing by with hundreds of trucks and equipment just in case there are widespread power outages. biggest concern officials tell us is about people going into the water. >> the south side of east hampton has 17 miles of beach. and we only have lifeguard stations on less than 2% of that. so we have put a lot of personal responsibility on individuals to not only swim at your own risk but to be cautious in storm environments. >> they also have dozens of cheryl's on stand by, shepard, but it doesn't look like they
7:36 pm
will need any of them. >> shepard: sounds like a surfer's paradise out there, rick. >> indeed. in fact, surfers are the only ones allowed in the water because they their boards serve as flow station devices. they all swear that storm season is the best season for them. they love the fall. they say that's when boys become men and i guess in some case men become boys. you know when a lot of folks head away from the shores, the surfers are the ones who grab their shores and head, in listen. >> supposedly like six storms coming up in the atlantic right now. everyone is as happy as can be. we might get slammed one a couple. clean up the mess and go surf. >> i i don't think there is a condition i wouldn't go out. have you got to scare yourself every day. that's how we do it. >> conditions today, they describe as churning, choppy, mushy even. but long waves, they appear to be having a great time out there, shepard. they are looking forward to saturday, they say, could be the best day. some waves 8 feet up to 13 feet high out there.
7:37 pm
that will be the condition again tomorrow as well. >> shepard: 70 degrees saturday and sunday and as they say on the long island railroad last stop montauk. updates on the max report and 9:00 eastern hannity's time slot. full hour of coverage as hurricane earl continues path toward the east coast of the united states. 9:00 eastern. 8:00 in oxford right here from the journalists of fox news. the lawyer to defended a woman sentenced to death by stoning in iran reunited with his family in norway. last month, the 31-year-old attorney fled to turkey, then to norway after learning the iranian officials intended to arrest the guy. those authorities punished his wife instead. >> when iranian authorities could not find outspoken human rights lawyer mohammed, they jailed his wife instead, keeping her in notorious prison for two weeks. today, they were reunited in oslo, norway. >> every night crying and saying
7:38 pm
i need my father when we go to see my father? i think she is the happiest at this moment. >> he feared he would be locked away for years for defending the woman who has been sentenced to stoning for alleged adultery. so he figured he would be better off to his family fleeing iran, which he did by horse and foot into turkey. his wife supported that agonizing decision despite her ordeal in prison. >> i just crying, thinking i worry for my daughter, my husband, my future, and, of course, my people. >> they now worry about those left behind. >> there are lots of people in iran -- their family maybe hostage and nobody is aware of that. >> he has spoken to the press quite a bit since arriving in norway. he has always held back to a certain extent out of concern for the safety of his wife and his daughter. now that they are with him, reunited here, he plans to speak
7:39 pm
a lot more not just about the case of the woman sentenced to death by stoning but about many other important human rights cases iran. in oslo, amy kellogg, fox news. >> shepard: the israeli and palestinian leaders talking peace again today on the heels of deadly attacks on the west bank. their plans to keep the talks alive. that's coming up. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone how great she is. but what i can do is give her everything she needs to be excited for school, while staying in my budget. that's why i go to walmart. she has everything she needs. and then some. [ female announcer walmart has low prices on not just a few things, but everything on their back-to-school list. guaranteed. save money. live better. walmart. look in the glove box. [ children laughing ] suitse? huh?
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7:43 pm
and moving toward a future of peace and dignity that only you can create. >> shepard: well, they have already agreed on one thing. that they need to do a lot more talking. the senior white house correspondent major garrett live at the state department tonight. major it, all sounds kind of familiar. >> it does, shepard. this process every sign of progress no matter how small is embraced by the united states. yesterday we had one, the talks continue left four israelis dead. today, both sides agreed to meet again september 15th. egypt. and they met that is to say benjamin netanyahu privately no note takers for 90 minutes at the state department. what did they discuss? we are not told. u.s. special enjoy said the conversation was cordial and constructive but no substance was relayed to us. here is george mitchell. >> for these negotiations to succeed they must be kept private and treated with the
7:44 pm
upmost sensitivity. >> netanyahu said these talks are not just about issues related to the palestinians and israelis but larger israeli concerns about security within the region. what he meant by that shepard is iran. let's listen. >> new forces of have risen in our region and we have to to rise of iran and its proxies and the rise of missile warfare and so a peace agreement must take into account security arrangement against these real threats that have been directed against my country. >> for israel, security is a top issue. right now for the palestinians, the most important issue, at least initially is, settlements. with a moratorium due to expire on december 26th hold? here is mahmoud abbas. >> we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to move all settlement activities and
7:45 pm
completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. and all form of incitement. >> the two sides agreed today, shepard, before they can reach ultimate deal they have to hammer out a framework agreement. how long will that take? no one knows but there is some ray of optimism here at the state department. shep back to you. >> shepard: major garrett live at the department of state for us tonight. major, thank you. gang leaders in chicago speaking out against the city's police department. it comes just after a controversial meeting last month a so-called gang summit with cops and prosecutors and suspected criminals. but some gang leaders and former gang leaders say cops ambushed them with the threats. they say the city needs to clean up their communities, if it wants to stop the violence. the problem with them is they are giving an ultimatum. quit it instead of alternative. we are giving alternative. listen, get off the corner
7:46 pm
selling these bags and come to construction site with bricks. >> should not negotiate with gangs at all. one official calling it desperation tactic. in chicago, the police superintendent jody weez says meeting with the gang members is standard practice for a lot of departments across the country. a surprising report just released on the number of illegal immigrants now in the united states. coming up a live report on the numbers and how people in arizona feel about the recent crack down on the mexican border. hurricane earl threatening a huge chunk of the east coast, continuing live coverage of the storm throughout the hour and throughout the night. you can log on to for the very latest on hurricane earl.
7:47 pm
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>> shepard: the number of illegal immigrants in the united states has dropped in a big way
7:50 pm
that's according to a new report from the pew hispanic center. the study indicates it's the first significant drop in the illegal population in this country in two decades. one expert says the u.s. economy could be to blame. claiming potential immigrants are postponing their journeys north until more jobs are available. of course, the white house is also been beefing up security along the southwest border. trace gallagher with the news tonight. trace, how did the pew hispanic center come up with these numbers? >> well, they took the census bureau estimate, shep, of the illegals who actually live here now and then they took the department of homeland security of how many illegals are crossing the border every year and they came one these numbers between 2,000 and 2005 the estimate was 850,000 illegals were crossing the border each year. 2007 to 2009, a 65% drop off. 300,000 a year. now, as a result, instead of 11 million illegals living in this country now, they say there are only 10 million illegals.
7:51 pm
the department of homeland security says for two reasons, one, a bad economy and better security and critics say it has nothing to do with poor security. the only numbers the numbers are dropping if they are dropping is because illegals are not coming here to get jobs because there are no jobs. in fact, a princeton researcher and a university of california san that barbara researcher say nine out of 10 illegals if they want to get in this country they can get into this country. and when the economy improves, they will come back, shep. >> shepard: tonight we have new poll numbers, trace, about the immigration arizona law. what do they say? >> well, it's from the morrison institution, which is a nonpartisan think tank from the university of arizona. we went back and did some researching and, in fact, it is a pretty fair handed think tank and what they are saying is that they polled 614 arizona registered voters, half of them democrats. 81% approve of requiring people
7:52 pm
to produce documents to verify immigration status. 73% think police should be able to detain anyone not able to verify legal status. and 6 % think police should be allowed to question anyone they think is illegal. those against the arizona law say the numbers are very telling. listen. >> it tells me that they're not paying attention to the constitution or the rule of law to. me it demonstrates a lack of capacity of so much of the state to understand what civil liberties are all about, what our independence is all about. >> by the way we just learned that a wyoming man has donated $1.5 million to help arizona defend itself against those lawsuits. 3.5 million in total donations so far, shep. >> shepard: wow, trace gallagher live for us tonight. mexican president felipe calderon said despite a surge in drug-related violence, his
7:53 pm
country has made gains in the war on drug cartels and experiencing economic growth now. the remarks came in calderon's state of the nation address. his report indicates authorities made more than 34,000 drug-related arrests in the past year. one of those trapped chilean miners finding himself in another very tight spot. it seems there is a bit of a love triangle going on. his mistress reportedly showed up at the rescue site. according to the report, the miner's wife was holding vigil when she heard another woman screaming her husband's name. the mistress says she is in love with the miner adding he was planning to leave his wife. well, as for the wife she says she is not giving up on the guy and says now, and i quote, he loves me and i am his devoted wife. this woman has no legitimacy. the love triangle coming as officials release new video of the miners trapped underground. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
7:54 pm
chile, the government releasing the new video showing the changes to the miners' living quarters. the 33 men have been stuck nearly a half mile under ground for a month now. you can see some the miners getting emotional when recording messages to their loved ones. chilean government reports the rescue could take three to four more months. germany, a man taking hostage five gas station employees in the western part of the country. police say he let go four of those hostage and then took the last one to the street and tried to escape. that's when the cops tasered the man. police say nobody got seriously hurt. and no word yet on the motive. china, heavy rains triggering a landslide in a southwestern province. rescuers pulled more than 20 people out alive but they are now scrambling to find 44 others who are still missing. the state news agency reports recent floods killed 3100 people across the country.
7:55 pm
[crying] >> shepard: protesters taking the to the streets in the country's capital. recent clashes have killed four people. cops shot two of them. demonstrators angry with the rising costs of fuel, water, and food. the government indicates it's working to improve services and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: we'll be around tonight throughout the evening "the fox report" staff tracking hurricane earl. it's a powerful storm. still a major category 3 storm. bearing down on the california coast. we are expecting in -- on the carolina coast. we are expecting updates on positioning and miles per hour. millions are facing hurricane warnings and watches all up the coast of canada. that new report from the national hurricane center and this one could be crucial. i'll bring it to you live in just a moment. enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take
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7:59 pm
rig in the gulf of mexico by jumping into the water. the company that owns the platform says it is not yet clear what happened but that oil is not leaking into the gulf. the white house now announcing the president will hold a news conference next friday and that eagle use it to highlight the administration's work on the economy. and on this day in 1996, michael jackson earned his 12th number one single as a solo artist with "you are not alone." he had a handful of hits for the jackson 5 but didn't reach number one on his own until he dropped the single ben. the title track off his second album. m.j. waited another seven years for his next chart topping single, don't stop until you get enough. from 1979's off the wall and then billie jean, beat it, bad, black and white all followed. finally "you are not alone." became his last song to the top of the billboard charts. michael first made it an even dozen 14 years ago today. and

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